The Wistia Privacy Spectrum

Over the last couple of months we’ve had an ongoing debate about the various privacy options most useful to our customers sharing videos. These discussions always end up circling around the Wistia privacy spectrum.

Some of our customers use just one of these forms of privacy, but recently we’ve noticed that more customers are using multiple options to create more complete solutions for their businesses.

The four levels of the Wistia privacy spectrum are as follows:

  • Public – In the Wistia world, public video sharing is made up of embeds designed to attract an initial audience and draw them into a deeper conversation. Embeds are placed on a company site or promoted to draw more users into converting.
  • Tracked Users – A link is set up so that anyone can view prepared content. Tracking is on a per user basis but these users are anonymous. The goal of this is often to convert viewers to a named user account.
  • Whitelist Registration – Each user has a unique account but standard activation is not required. Users can be invited in by a unique link or they can register themselves. Typically, there is an expectation that not all users will actually enter the system.
  • Named Users – Each viewer in the system is defined by a unique email address. Video engagement tracking to and timecoded commenting by specific, named users have been strong value-adds for our customers. With this privacy option, users are invited organically as part of other business processes.

We have seen that by combining different elements of the privacy spectrum, our customers have been able to create a more complete solution for their businesses. You can use a few video embeds (public) on your site to give visitors a taste, then let them convert if they want to see more. Those visitors then become named users in Wistia and the value of each interaction systematically increases.

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