Top Hat Tips

Transform a Wistia Page into a Landing Page

Top Hat Tuesday is our fancy weekly video series where someone from the Wistia team shares a useful bite-sized tip... whilst wearing a top hat.

Your video is finished, but now, you need to get it out there for other people to see! In many scenarios, this might involve asking for resources from separate design or development teams. We don't talk about this Wistia functionality much, but it's really easy to turn a Wistia page into a landing page.

Make sure the page is public by selecting Project Actions > Sharing and Privacy > Unlocked, add a custom logo to your account, then click Video Actions > Customize to customize the settings for the video on the page, from adding social buttons to enabling comments.

Think about where you want your viewer to go after they watch your video: add a Turnstile email collector if you want them to sign up for your email list, or link them to your product page in a Call to Action. Let us know how it goes!

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