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Use Wistia for Looping Autoplay Video

Top Hat Tuesday is our fancy weekly video series where someone from the Wistia team shares a useful bite-sized tip... whilst wearing a top hat.

If you're looking for step-by-step instructions on how to make one of these videos on your own, head to our Help Center! You'll be autoplaying in no time.

No matter how you pronounce it, everybody loves a good animated GIF. They play on their own, but they're not annoying because there's no sound. One problem: the image quality leaves much to be desired. You can solve that problem by replacing your GIF with a silent autoplaying video.

To set your video to autoplay you'll want to navigate to Timeline Actions in the Customize panel. There you'll see an option to choose Start behavior, which is set to default on the thumbnail. Switch that to Autoplay video, and save your changes. Now your high-quality looping autoplay video is ready to embed!

We used silent autoplay in a couple of recent posts in our Non Sequitur Fridays series, so we'll close with some live examples:

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