Top Hat Tips

Start With Low-Risk Videos

Top Hat Tuesday is our fancy weekly video series where someone from the Wistia team shares a useful bite-sized tip... whilst wearing a top hat. We'll be covering video production, marketing, and everything in between.

Among the many challenges you face when getting started with online video is knowing exactly which videos to make first. It's pretty tempting to tackle the front page explainer video because that video will be seen by lots of visitors and could have a major impact on conversion rates. But that explainer video is also among the most difficult and stressful pieces you will ever be faced with.

Instead of the intimidating front page video, we always recommend starting with "low-risk" videos to gain confidence and experience. These low-risk videos can take many different forms - an educational video on your blog, a documentation supplement that helps customers solve a common problem, or a product video for a very specific feature. The key is to find video ideas where there's less pressure to be perfect and more room for experimentation.

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