Introducing Turnstile

Gated videos should be no stranger to you if you've been following Wistia for a while. We've been using them for our content offer videos like Video Marketing 101, but we are mean and selfish so we wanted to keep all the fun for ourselves. Okay, no, actually it was just a lot of work -- so when people would ask us how to do it, that was basically our answer. However, now that all of our hard work on getting Stats 2.0 out the door has come to a close, we're finally launching Turnstile, our pre-roll email collector!

Turnstile is especially useful with our recent identity tagging feature that's part of the recent update to Wistia's analytics. Admittedly, it may not be quite as fun to look at the stats when you don't have any identities tagged. Using Turnstile, you can tag the identities of more of your prospects, so you don't just get new contact information -- you also have a way to tie all of their activities together to figure out whose information might be most valuable.

Learn more about Turnstile or play with a live demo of the SuperEmbed Builder to see how it works!

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