Video Analytics for the iPad

Today, we're elated to announce that not only will Wistia videos play on an iPad (and an iPhone and any other HTML5 compatible devices), but their playback will be tracked in the exact same way we track Flash video -- viewer-by-viewer, second-by-second.

This does not mean that you'll simply know whether or not someone is watching on an iPad, we're capturing Video Heatmaps for each and every iPad and iPhone viewer. You'll be able to tell who's interested based on how much they watch, and gauge how your content is performing for your audience. If you have an iPad (or iPhone) on hand, give our tracking a whirl! Head to our product page to learn more about playback and tracking.

iPad and iPhone support is available on every plan except the Solo. If you're an existing customer, contact us at support@wistia.com to have iPad and iPhone support enabled for your account.

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