Video SEO Arrives

We’re very happy to announce Video sitemaps for SEO, the Wistia way. We now help you create, host, and submit video sitemaps.

The first question you might have is “What is Video SEO?” Great question! Video SEO is the act of proactively submitting your content, through what’s called a “Video Sitemap", so that it’s easier for Google and other search engines to find it.

There are four things that can happen once your videos are properly submitted:

  • They can appear inline in universal search results.
  • When users click on your video in the search results they will be sent directly to the page where your video is embedded.
  • They’ll appear in video specific search results, like https://video.google.com.
  • They can even boost overall placement for your page.

While video SEO is not a silver bullet, using video sitemaps gives you the best chance of leveraging your videos to improve your page’s search engine placement for important keywords.

Learn more about the setup in the documentation.

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