Video Toolkit

Make Video Easily Online with Animoto

Video is a powerful marketing tool, but it can be intimidating at first. The folks at Animoto help make video more attainable for anyone, regardless of experience with cameras or editing software.

Here at Wistia, we're big fans of anything that empowers people to make more videos, and Animoto's platform makes it super easy to get started. It lets you pull in images, camera footage, music, and text, and then blend them all together to create a polished, engaging viewing experience.

We recognize that it can feel like there are a lot of barriers to entry when it comes to video production. We think about this problem a lot because roughly one third of people who sign up for a Wistia account never upload a single video. This sends us a clear signal that there are loads of people out there who appreciate the power of video but don't feel comfortable getting started.

If we can help even half of these people feel more empowered to make a video, we'd be pretty excited. Try it out with an explainer video or a product overview. Build a video montage for your family. The more video you make, the more attainable it'll feel in the future! I made one for my family over the holidays, and it was one of the most popular gifts of the year. In fact, I should admit that this is the first video I've ever made. Took me long enough! A business video is next on my list.

You can create a video for free in Animoto and export it directly to your Wistia account. Oh, and the kind people at Animoto wanted to give you a 20% discount on paid accounts, so get inspired!

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