Welcome Customer Champion Camille to Wistia!

We're super excited to welcome Camille Barichello to the Wistia customer happiness team! We did a quick interview to get to know her better - read on to learn about her past attempts at video, her air guitar and music obsession, and her favorite local brewery.

What's most exciting to you about working with video?

The funny thing is that I came into the job very nervous about video. My husband used to make movies, and we learned quickly that I am the worst actor ever. THE. WORST. So awkward and self-conscious. I can be helpful behind the scenes, but no one should try and put me in front of a camera. So I was pretty concerned that I would have to be in a video and it would be a terrible mistake for all involved.

Well, I've been here all of 3 weeks and now I'm itching to get into a video. Is that the magic of Wistia? MAYBE. (It will probably still be awkward and horrible, though.)

What have you been up to in the last year?

A lot of writing. I've been writing for my competitive air guitar site for a couple of years now and it really took off last year - and got me asked to help out with the main US Air Guitar site's blog! I've also been writing for a music blog, Music Savage, for the last few months.

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Why?

I guess I'm a cat person. I don't dislike dogs! I like them a lot. But I would not be a very good dog owner. I am a much better cat owner - it's less like having a pet and more like having a kind of needy roommate. I have two cats, Nona (named for a character on Pete & Pete!), who was rescued from a hoarder house where there were 31 cats, and Marty, who is just fat.

What's the best place you've ever been?

I've been some amazing places - I'm from Vancouver, lived in Indonesia when I was little, got to go to Belgium when my parents were briefly living there, and I've seen a lot of the US and Canada, but I think my favorite place might be someplace I've never been, but hope to go soon (turns out this year is off the table… but maybe next year) - Oulu, Finland, for the Air Guitar World Championships. From all reports, the experience of being there during AGWC is, no exaggeration, magical.

What's your favorite liquid?

Not to sound like a huge lush or anything, but I like a good beer. Interesting beer. I'm not married to any one style, but I like trying inventive stuff - recently my husband and I have been very into Night Shift Brewing, right outside of Boston, and they do some weird and fun stuff. If you're in the area and have never been, I recommend it!

Show and tell: share a video that you like!

Well, a pretty good air guitar video is the 2014 US National Champ, Airistotle, with his first-round performance at Nationals last summer.

Since not everything is about air guitar, I guess, have you watched David Hasselhoff's video for his new song in the Kung Fury movie? It is incredible.

What's a song you're loving right now?

Well, this question is impossible. Half the people I know are in bands, and I write for a music blog! I can't pick just one!

Honestly, the song I would pick isn't recorded anywhere yet; it's my husband's band, The Guilloteenagers, playing a song about Michelob. Yes, as in the terrible beer. Trust me on this. But, failing that, here are a couple songs that are great:

I wrote about this song for Music Savage, and it was stuck in my head for a solid week afterwards. “Why Can't Friends Just Kiss on the Lips Sometimes” by Secret Club. Dirty dark garage about smooching your friends: what is not to love there?

And for some local action, how about the incredible Tigerman WOAH! out of Lynn? These guys are so, so good - raw foot-stomping music about poor choices and bad people - and their live show is an order of magnitude better than literally anything I've ever seen. You get the chance, YOU GO. This is "Columbus Stockade" off their second-latest album, Up South Vol. II.

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