Welcome Videographer Trevor to Wistia!

We're super excited to welcome Trevor Holmes to Wistia, where he'll be making videos! In fact, he's already helped out with quite a few, most notably displaying his surprising ability to balance a camera while on rollerblades. Trevor's joining us in Boston from Pennsylvania, and it was professional love at first Pokémon-themed video cover letter.

Read on to learn more about Trevor's philosophy on the dogs vs. cats debate, why he's always dehydrated, how he approaches video, and some of his favorite video gear.


What's most exciting to you about working with video?

It's super exciting to be a part of a media that is booming with content and development in hardware and software. Every year, video quality and cameras are getting better, and more affordable solutions are popping up for producers and filmmakers everywhere. It's a fun, challenging, and growing field!

What have you been up to in the last year?

Before landing an awesome gig here at Wistia, I was making internet videos elsewhere at a super fun, creative agency in Pennsylvania called Digital Feast.

Most of my time was spent creating marketing solutions for our clients through video, photography, design and web development. The talented, and ridiculously good-looking, team I left in PA consisted of a couple high school friends and my cousin. I seriously can't wait to see how their business grows and what they accomplish!

When I'm not working, I enjoy kicking back with my wife and our super chill pup, Rigby. He's got his own Instagram, where he tends to be pretty motivational.

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Why?

Here's my philosophy: Dogs in real life - Cats on the internet - Never look back.

What's your favorite liquid?

Coffee. Preferably black, and preferably strong enough to melt your face off. Scalding hot is a must. Also, I'm a huge fan of beer. Depending on the day, I end up being very dehydrated. It's always worth it.

Show and tell: share a video that you like!

T-shirt War : Rhett & Link. I should probably be sharing a really dynamic video that inspired me since I'm in video, but as far as internet shorts, a lot of my inspiration for funny/stupid ideas has come from these guys. Enjoy.

What's a song you're loving right now?

I've been digging back into some of my older collections recently, and David Bowie always resurfaces. There is never a wrong time for some Bowie.

And now, some bonus questions about Trevor's relationship with video!

What camera do you use, and why?

Canon 5D Mark iii - because I haven't dared to step into the Black Magic world yet.

What are some of your favorite lenses?

I love using the 24-105mm zoom lens for video. I do a lot of shooting handheld and on the fly. Having Canon's Image Stabilization built into the lens helps a ton.

Also, the 16-35mm is a great versatile lens for being in those tight spaces and for showing the depth of a room. Plus, since it has a f 2.8, it's awesome in low light. These two in your pocket and you're golden.

Now that I'm at Wistia, I'm excited to get my hands on the Canon C100 and some new prime lenses like the Sigma 35mm and 50mm. I might just have a new favorite lens soon!

Do you like being in front of the camera, too? What's your go-to move to get comfortable on camera (for yourself or others)?

Being in front of the camera is necessary for every filmmaker/videographer out there. There are going to be those times where you don't have another stand in to make the shot happen, and voila! You just became an actor. The times I have spent in front of the camera, I have ended up being drastically silly and awkward to help break the ice all around, but secretly it helps me get ready and get loose.

Editing software of choice?

Adobe Premiere and After Effects, with just a splash of Adobe Audition.

What's a style of video you're playing around with right now?

I love making stop-motions and timelapses. I've been doing them since high school, though I'm far from an expert. You have control over every frame in the video, and I think that is just super cool.

What's your background in video?

My background in video consists of a bunch of mistakes, learning-curves, and DIY endeavors. I sort of stumbled into video after working a couple years in the design world.

What different types of videos have you made?

Everything from 30-second advertisements, short films, business videos, interviews, event videos, product videos, and anything in between.

How can someone tell they're watching a Wolfman Trev video?

Hopefully there is some humor involved… and maybe it will make you laugh out loud. That is the end goal!

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