When Will a Video Help My Landing Page?

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Once upon a time, in the land of the Internet, videos were slow to load and codec compatibility issues drove potential video watchers running to pictures and text. As those days fade from memory, so does consumers' aversion to online video. Millions more people are watching video online, especially as a means to better understand products and services. And while many marketers report that video landing pages perform better than their static kin, others report that simplified contact forms with high-quality copy still rule. You know you need a landing page; maybe you even want to run some A/B tests. If you’re asking yourself “when will a video help my landing page?”, here are some questions you can ask yourself.

1. Will a video more quickly and thoroughly communicate the point?

According to Grow Smart Media, an app development company, posting a 1-minute, effective animated video increased their landing page conversions by at least 15% and received over 3000 unique views in a 1 and a 1/2 month period. More details.

Video works when it distills a complex concept or context into an easily digestible story. How-to (product/technology explanation or walk-through) videos avoid stuffing a landing page with screenshots and text while giving visitors a solid overview of the product – perfect use of video. Videos that set the mood or tell a story only loosely related to the buyer’s intention probably aren’t worth it.

2. Do I have the budget and willingness to do the video right?

If you want to scare someone away from your company quickly, make a video with poor audio, confusing visuals, and unengaging content. Be sure only to use video if it’s something about which you can be proud.

Want to get a sense of what kind of budget gets what result? Check out this mind-blowing video production/budget comparison tool from Google.

3. Is my video creating an emotional connection?

Our emotions are one of the most powerful forces behind our buying decisions. One of the reasons video testimonials are so powerful is that we put ourselves in the happy customer’s shoes and imagine feeling as successful and satisfed as they do. If bullet points and a picture are insufficient for creating the emotional connection, video can be a powerful ally.

Looking for some help on what makes a landing page video powerful? Check out this awesome blog post from Unbounce.

4. Would I watch this video?

This is the most important test. Imagine you’re the prospect. Do you get it just by reading the page title and bullet points, or do you need something more to really cement the connection? Be honest with yourself. If you think your prospect would want a little something more, then you probably want a video.

Ultimately, you never really know if video is the way to go until you try it and measure the effectiveness, but make sure you’ve asked yourself these questions and are putting video into your landing page for the right reasons.

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