Why do you pay for video hosting?

Deadline extended to Monday, May 7!

Oh. Hello there. You look awfully dapper today. Are you really going to let that go to waste? A mere photo of that kind of sleek just won't do. Instead, why don't you record it on video? Okay, fine, we're kinda buttering you up a bit here, but we mean it. You look great. And we'd love to have someone like you record a quick testimonial for us. One of the most frequent questions we get from prospective customers is why they should pay for Wistia when YouTube is free -- and no one can explain that better than you.

Here's how you can help us out:

  • Record a 20-30 second video of yourself however you like, in whatever quality. We don't care if it's a polished masterpiece or a quick FaceTime or iPhone recording.
  • Name the file "Your Name - Company Name" so we can keep track of who you are! You don't need to say your name in the video.
  • It's fine to have some dead air or multiple takes because we'll be editing the videos together into one awesome one.
  • Feel free to have fun and get as crazy as you like! But also don't feel bad about keeping it simple and straightforward.
  • Two options for sending us the videos: use the "Upload" button below or email the file to crl@wistia.com.
  • We'd like to have these by next Tuesday, May 1! Extended to Monday, May 7!

The deadline has already passed!

Afterwards, we'll share how you can do this yourself with tools that already exist in Wistia! First with the people who contribute, as our thanks to you, and later with everyone else. We'll also shower your with our eternal gratitude, seriously.

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