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Monica Lee's Video Interviews

Monica Lee is the host behind Smart Creative Women, a web video interview series that highlights women running businesses creatively. New interviews are posted Tuesdays and Thursdays, focusing on how they got started with their businesses as well as passing on practical how-tos and inspiration. You can keep up with Smart Creative Women on Twitter at @SmartCreativeW.

With her website Smart Creative Women, Monica Lee conducts a video interview series that has gained a substantial following. With regular postings and a fun, bubbly interview style, Monica's videos (always supplemented by colorful photos and commentary) are definitely worth checking out -- her blog is a great example of how even with minimal tools (a webcam and Skype) you can still use video to powerful effect. Below, Monica shared with us how using video has helped her to gain recognition and business opportunities -- all as a result of showing her face on camera to become a familiar character in her circles.

How video has helped Monica Lee

"In case you can’t handle the idea of watching one more video, I’ll type a post out for you. I know you like video or you're thinking about it because you’re here, right? My name is Monica Lee and I host a web TV show, Smart Creative Women. Since starting my video based program last February, my opt-ins, opportunities and the awesome viewer response have been overwhelming in a great way!

I have been regular ole’ blogging since, well,what feels like centuries in internet years. In a short time using video, I have had all sorts of business opportunities find me. I was asked to interview lifestyle bloggers for the Alt Design Summit website. I've been paid to give out my opinion. What? That’s crazy! I know, I thought so at first too. But what I have realized is that video is a powerful tool that really lets you connect and express how much you care about your audience, clients, followers and your peeps. You can engage, inform or just have fun on an entirely different level with video. I even have a speaking engagement at a workshop, Banking Your Bliss, coming up in NYC this September. I am thrilled to give a talk about what I feel are the traits of a Smart Creative Woman! Hooray! That means: be savvy, be fearless and jump on board with video. An added benefit, there are no typos in vdeio… viedo… video."

Who are some of your favorite video interviewers? What particular qualities make a video interview great?

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