Why Web Video Sucks

Sometimes, we just hate web video. In this video we discuss why.

The single most important thing about web video is gotcha. But seriously, if your viewers can't load your video, you're losing the chance to communicate your message. And video for business is all about communicating your message with your audience.

What kind of device is your audience watching your videos on? Should you make a mobile version? Should you make an iPhone or an iPad version? What about Android? There's no incentive for your audience to watch your video if it looks like crap or if the audio is out of sync.

When you're serving web video, your audience is going to be on different computers, with different connections, and different capabilities. You need to deliver your content in such a way that it doesn't detract from the message. In the end, it's all about viewer experience. Here's to web video that doesn't suck.

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