Why Wistia loves Clicky

What is Clicky?

Clicky is an online web analytics tool. It is similar to Google Analytics in that it provides statistics on who is visiting your website and what they are doing. All you have to do to use it is get a tiny snippit of javascript, paste it into your webpage HTML, and watch the data roll in. While Wistia uses both Google Analytics and Clicky, we have found Clicky to be absolutely indispensible in recent months.

What is special about Clicky?

As we started using Clicky, it became very clear that Clicky allowed us to close many of the information gaps left by Google Analytics (GA). Yes, GA looks pretty, but it doesn’t quite do everything our business needs. Some examples of areas where Clicky wins, hands down:

  • Search terms for Google Adwords clicks - GA does not provide the actual search phrase used for Google Adwords clickthroughs. It only provides the keywords matched in your campaign. Clicky, on the other hand, provides the entire search phrase. This gives you more insight into what your users are actually searching for. For example, if I had an Adwords campaign against the keywords “training video” and a user clicked through, GA would show me that the user clicked through on “training video”. On the other hand, Clicky would show me that the user actually searched for something more specific, such as “potty training video”. Clicky gives you the data you need to refine and optimize your ad campaigns.
  • Full clickpath data - While GA allows you to slice and dice visitors and sessions many different ways, it is extremely difficult (and in some cases impossible) to tell exactly what actions a particular user took. Clicky makes this easy by providing the full clickpath of every user from entry to exit. Thanks Clicky!
  • Real time - GA data always lags by at least several hours. Clicky provides its data in real time. From my own experience, it is usually less than 5 seconds from someone visiting a page on our site until that data shows up in our Clicky account. While it doesn’t sounds like that big of a deal, it is great information to have if someone calls or emails as it allows us to provide better customer service.

While we have by no means stopped using Google Analytics, we certainly rely on it much less than we used to. We now depend on Clicky to give us the detailed and timely data we need to optimize our web site.

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