Why your videos should surprise people

Our newest video testimonial is two minutes long, and it doesn’t mention Wistia for the first 58 seconds. Conventionally, testimonials only talk about how great a company is. We decided to break the rules. We let Paul tell his full story instead of immediately pushing our product. Take a look:

We love that Paul takes his time telling his story - the audience isn’t expecting it. A big part of the reason that this video is successful is that it’s surprising. Sometimes, it’s good to throw your audience off a little bit, to give them something that they aren’t used to.

Surprising videos catch people’s attention. They give the audience a little jolt of the unexpected. They also leave viewers with the added challenge of figuring out what the video’s angle is. In this case, most people are expecting a testimonial to be a customer raving about a product. Here, we show them a customer telling the story of his company and eventually getting to the part about why he started using Wistia and why he likes it. It makes his promotion of Wistia seem honest because it gives his statements context. We think it breathes a little fresh air into the stale world of testimonials.

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