Wistia and Get Smart Content Integration

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of a Wistia + Get Smart Content integration! Now, combining the power of our video marketing tools with their content personalization technology is so easy, even my mom could do it! Okay, it's not quite that simple, it does still require using the Internet, but it’s pretty darn easy.

Individually, both Wistia and Get Smart Content help marketers convert more website traffic into leads and customers. Combined, these tools form a powerful marketing 1-2 punch that we’re excited to unleash on the world.

Want to try it out the functionality? Just head over here to get rolling!

*Note – you need both a Wistia and a GSC account to take advantage of the integration, but this link will give you access to free trials of one or both services if you are not yet a customer of either.

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