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An Inside Look at Some Fun Video Studios

We've talked a good bit about our own office studio here in Somerville, but because the world doesn't revolve entirely around us, we wanted to give you an up-close-and-personal peek into some different studios of different sizes and types. While we won't be showing you any massive glitter-filled hot tubs or custom Ferraris, we do have awesome video contributions from our friends at ZendeskSkyscope Creative, and Beyond Pix, giving you a look at where they make video magic happen, as well as a quick tour of Wistia HQ.

The videos were all created by the studios themselves in their unique styles:


Zendesk, based in San Francisco, helps companies build better relationships through their customer service software. Video is an important part of Zendesk's marketing, and they often shoot in their office, a big space with great natural light, sometimes with the help of a professional videographer. Follow them @Zendesk on Twitter.

Namedrops: Shure PG42 Broadcast MicZoom H4N Audio RecorderCanon 5D CameraTorres Studios

Skyscope Creative

Skyscope Creative, a studio based in Worcester, MA, makes web videos for innovative businesses with an emphasis on story and style. They've got custom designed desks to maximize their small workspace for collaboration, a green screen room across the hall, a game room for active relaxation, and a roof deck for hanging out. Follow them @WeAreSkyscope on Twitter.

Namedrops: Final Cut Pro X, Pegasus RAID Storage R4, Pelican Cases

Beyond Pix Studios

Beyond Pix Studios is a full-service production company based in the Bay Area. With 5 stages, 7 edit suites, and over 22,000 square feet of space, they're not messing around. Starting with conversations with clients in Creative Services and moving through production with many cameras, several studios, and the largest stage in San Francisco, 50x50 feet of sound stage in white or green screen, and post-production.  Follow them @BeyondPix on Twitter.

Namedrops: RED Cameras, LaCroix Sparkling Water, Avid Pro Tools

Wistia HQ

You may have seen some of these locations before! The Wistia office. Our space is more like a hallway than a room and our office gets a lot of natural light, so all of our lighting is daylight color-balanced. We've turned a room downstairs into a small studio space. It turns out we use the same camera and audio recorder as Zendesk above! They totally copied us. Follow us on Twitter @Wistia.

Namedrops: Sennheiser ME 66 Shot Gun Mic

What's in your video production crib? Would you like to see more cribs in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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