Wistia Office Hours

The other day, the team was huddled around our lunch table, wracking our brains as we scarfed down some tasty hot dogs (tofu, in Adam’s case).  We were trying to brainstorm a way to answer our customers’ questions even faster - almost instantaneously.  Hot dogs, being the creative muse that they are, led us to an incredible moment of discovery.  “Eureka!” we all shouted.  Jumping up from the table, we each exclaimed, “A live Q&A event!”

Wistia Office Hours was born.

Join us this Friday, February 4th at 1PM EST as we open the door to the Wistia workshop.

Chris and Brendan, our founders, will host the event, answering questions on topics like:

  • Video hosting
  • Analytics
  • Video production
  • Espresso
  • Marketing
  • Training
  • Video codecs
  • Ping-pong paddle grip techniques
  • App development
  • And anything else that may be on your mind!

We hope you’ll join us.  If you prefer to submit your question ahead of time, you can do so here. Otherwise you can ask questions while we're live.

The very first Wistia Office Hours will held live at https://www.wistia.com/live, Friday, February 4th at 1pm EST (see this in your timezone).

We hope to see you on Friday!

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