Playlists Reborn

We've offered playlists as a way to embed Wistia videos for a while now. But today, we fed them a bunch of sports drinks and steroids, and now they're supercharged. Dare I say they might do okay in the Olympics? They're like, literally sweating Gatorade right now.

What's new with playlists?

  • They now have SuperEmbed customization available -- you can change the player color, alter the controls, or add social sharing buttons.
  • You can use Turnstile to collect emails, either before the entire playlist or after the first video.
  • Playlists now support popovers.
  • We've improved iOS playlist support -- you can now autoplay between videos on iOS.
  • We've added two new themesSlide (used for the video above) and Bare. Bare is a naked theme that will allow for custom API work, such as custom themes or other advanced customizations!
  • We've renamed the old themes to Tab and Bento.

Play with all of the themes and learn more!

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