Salesforce's Mathew Sweezey Talks Scrappy Starts and Marketing Tools

We can't wait to hear what Salesforce evangelist Mathew Sweezey has to say about video marketing at WistiaFest later this month (whoa, it's almost here!). Because of our impossibly impatient personalities, we decided we'd chat a bit ahead of time, too.

We're excited to have Mathew speak at WistiaFest because he really puts his money where his mouth is. He became interested in video last year, and immediately put the wheels in motion to start making video. He loves creating spoken, video, and written content to help inspire and teach people. His background in and love for psychology informs a lot of what he does and what he talks about.

How did you get started using video at Salesforce?

Well, we bought a cheap video camera and shot our first video using it. We did a short 90-second video for under $200 total, shot in the middle of the office. It returned about 40 likes on the video, and spawned a video series called "Smarter Marketing".

What have you learned since then?

We've learned a lot about what makes a good video, and which topics people enjoy. It also is a great place for us to test out new ideas and quickly get feedback on them. Now, we use better equipment, have a dedicated space to shoot, and have a much cleaner process to production. Our full idea to online timeline is about 4 hours per video.

If you could only offer one suggestion for building a more engaged audience, what would it be?

Start using video.

What are some of your favorite marketing tools?

I'm a big fan of anything that combines tracking, execution, and reporting. I'm not really tool-based, but more solution-based. I am a big fan of marketing automation as a tool, but also I'm a bit biased on that since I work for a marketing automation company. For B2B, I think marketing automation and retargeting are my favorite tools, and for B2C I'm a much bigger fan of social tools for building an audience. However, I use all three on both B2B and B2C campaigns.

How do you think video fits into a greater marketing strategy?

Video is a medium, not a strategy. I think this is where most people go wrong. They think they should use video at a specific stage in the life cycle of their marketing, but really should be using it at every stage. Just follow the consumer: we are in front of a screen 12 hours a day, and video is the most shared thing on Twitter. Put those together and you see that you can drive more engagement at any stage of the buyer journey by using video.

Anyone who is wanting to better engage, tell better stories, or sell more should look to video as a great medium to have a full understanding of. Once you have a full understanding of it, you'll find its usefulness in just about every campaign.

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