embed and share

  • Keeping Your Embeds Up To Date

    Are your embedded Wistia videos looking a little dusty? Using an old version of the Wistia Javascript library? Here's how to keep your Wistia embeds fresh with the latest & greatest Wistia player technology.

  • Sharing Your Wistia Videos

    You've created an awesome video for your customers -- now it's time to share it!

  • Wistia and Social Sharing

    Want to get social with your Wistia videos? We make it simple to share and track your videos on your favorite social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

  • Video SEO

    Video SEO is a powerful tool for your business, and here at Wistia we've got it fully covered. Learn more about Wistia and video SEO here.

  • Wistia Chrome Extension for Gmail

    Upload and share your videos using Wistia for Chrome.

  • Embedding Video on Your Website

    Want to add video to your website (embedding) but don't know where to start? Here's a quick guide to get you off the ground!

  • Email Marketing and Wistia

    Learn how we integrate with some of the top email marketing platforms to make your campaigns even more powerful in no time.

  • Sharing Video Privately

    Private Sharing in Wistia allows you to upload video, add Viewers and Collaborators videos, while giving them specific access and controls around to your videos.

  • Wistia Video Playlists

    Video playlists are a great way to embed multiple videos on your website through a single embed. Playlists allow you to update content in your playlist without messing with embed codes (even after embedding!).