• The Wistia Heatmap

    The Wistia heatmap shows a second-by-second view of how your audience watched your videos.

  • Viewer Stats

    Want to know how your audience is watching your videos? We'll take a look at the view stream, the audience page, and viewer pages.

  • What is an Engagement Graph?

    Learn more about the engagement graph, a representation of how your audience as a whole has engaged with your video.

  • Video Trends

    All about the video trends section of your account stats! WOOHOO!

  • Exporting Stats

    Wistia allows you to export your viewer stats to a CSV. Check out all of the data you can see in the exporting stats page.

  • Video Stats

    All about engagement graphs, Heatmaps, action stats, and play rate.

  • Stats Overview

    Wistia's analytics are designed to help you understand how your audience engages with your content. Dive in to everything you could dream of knowing about Wistia's all time favorite subject, Statistics.