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All About Projects

A project is Wistia's method for grouping related media. It's our way of helping you stay organized and happy.

A project could contain all the training videos for your organization, all the sales materials related to a specific product, or just a bunch of your upcoming content.


Create a new Project

To create a new project, select New Project from under the Actions menu. A new Project will be created, and you will immediately be taken in where you can upload content, invite contacts, and edit the project name.

Copy an existing Project

To copy a Project, select Copy Project from under the Actions menu.

This will launch a dialogue box with a drop-down menu that contains all your Projects. Choosing one from the drop-down will create a duplicate of the Project.

The Project Title

The title of the Project is how you will find it in your Account. By default, the title is Untitled Project, but that's not what you want!

To edit the title, hover over it with your mouse, and click the Edit button. Edit the title text, and click the Save button at the bottom of the form to finish editing.

Changing the title of the Project won't affect embed codes or links, either.

Add a description to your Project

To add a description to your project, hover over the project title, and click the Edit button that appears. Add your description text to the second field in the form and click Save to publish your changes.

You can type plain text into the description field or you can use markdown to style the text and put images or links into your description. Clicking the link "Formatting with Markdown" will open a guide explaining more about markdown.

Sharing Access to Projects

Projects can be in two modes: unlocked and locked. By default, they are set to unlocked.

  • Unlocked projects can be accessed by anyone with the link. Your content is still not findable/searchable on Google, but this setting makes it quick and painless to share your videos with someone else.
  • Locked projects can only be accessed when the viewer is invited by email.

To see or adjust your current project's setting, open the Sharing & Privacy area under the Project Actions menu.


Shortcut! You can access this screen by clicking the icon next to the Project title.

If you want to share your project, and all the videos within it, you would set your project to unlocked, and then share the URL with viewers. That link would look something like:


Viewers who followed that URL would be able to access all media in the Project.

If, however, you only shared the URL for a single video, the viewer would only have access to that video - not the entire project. Tricky, huh?

Sharing a Project by Email and Link with other viewers is also covered in-depth on the private sharing documentation page.


Playlists give you the option to embed all of the videos from one project at once. You can select Playlist from the Project Actions to get started, or head over to the playlists help page for more information.

Project Sections

Project sections allow you to organize media within a project. Media can be put into project sections and the sections can then expanded or collapsed to provide a cleaner experience for projects with many media.

To create a section, select + New section from the Project Actions menu. A new section will be created, which you can name, and drag-and-drop media into.

To give the Section a title, hover over the title text, select the , update the text, and then press Enter.

Delete a Project


Deleted projects can't be restored, so make sure you absolutely want to delete your project before proceeding.

To delete a project, select Delete Project from under the Project Actions menu.

Say sayonara to that project!