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Video Trends

Video trends allow you to see a high-level view of all of the viewing data in your account. Learn all about account-level trends and project-level trends.

Wistia provides detailed insights into the performance of a single video, an individual project (like a collection of your tutorial or marketing videos), or the entire account (perhaps all the videos across your website).

Account-Level Video Trends

Starting from the Projects page of your Account, you can access your high-level stats by selecting Trends from the Stats drop-down menu.

This will bring up the trends overview of your account, which is a dashboard for public stats performance.


Looking for logged in views? Check out the Private Sharing page.

Trends Graph

There are a few ways to explore your Trends graph. By default you'll see the stats for all of your videos for the last week. They'll be displayed as Daily stats initially, but you can always change your view. More on that in a minute.

We differentiate between video stats and project stats based on color—the video stats chart will show data in green. Projects stats are blue.

You can hover over the different colored sections of the graph to see stats for an individual video (or project), or check out the stats for all videos (or projects) by hovering over the white space.

Select an individual project from the graph to see stats exclusive to those videos. Or select an individual video to hone in on any spikes.

Above the graph you'll see an option to select a date range. Wistia supplies five preset date ranges:

  • Month to date
  • Last month
  • Last 90 days
  • Year to date
  • Last year

You can choose from any of these options, or select your own date range by typing one in.

If you want to see all-time stats for your account, pick any date from before you opened your account. We'll automatically snap your date to the start date of your account.

So for our home account:


Keep in mind, only play count will change within a specific date range. Engagement and play rate are calculated as all-time stats.


Sorting data is crucial to understanding it. You've got a lot of data in your Wistia account, so it's helpful to use sorting to make sense of all those sweet, sweet analytics.

With sorting you can prioritize analytics data in the ways most useful to you. Above the graph you can choose Projects or Videos, and select date ranges (Months, Weeks, Days).

You'll also be able to pick a specific date range. Either select one of Wistia's preset options, or choose your own date range by typing it in.

Drill down further below the graph to sort by attributes like amount of embedded videos, date created, or number of plays. The sorting bar is slightly different at the account and project levels, so heads up!

Projects/Media List

Underneath the Trends graph is the list of projects or videos that are represented in the graph. To drill down to the project or video-level, click its title.

Project-Level Video Trends

Project-level trends are pretty similar to account-level trends. You can hover your cursor along the graph to show information on the corresponding date. See a spike in January? What video gave you the goods?

Selecting a single video will isolate its data from the rest of the videos in the project. And just like in account-level trends, you can adjust the grey tabs under the graph to look at data for a specific date range. Wahoo!

Want to get into the nitty gritty? Clicking the title of an individual media will move you to the video-level stats. More on that over on the video stats page.

Customizing the View

By default, the Trends page will show you all-time stats for all projects in your account. This allows you to see all the views by time as you move your cursor around on the map. The details for the views across the account will appear below the trends table. These options can be clicked, to help you sort results. Want to see the projects with the lowest number of embeds? Double click that Videos Embedded option.

To see the data for a specific project compared to the others, use the selection tool functionality. Clicking on one specific project in either the list view or in the graph will "lock" it, so you can view the analytics performance for the project more specifically.