March 2, 2011

The face behind your website

Chris Savage

Founder, CEO

For most of human history, to be successful, businesses had to build solid personal relationships with customers. From booths at ancient markets to the American general store, businesses have relied on human interaction to build a base of loyal and happy customers.

At general stores like this one, there was always someone behind the counter to chat with.

But these days, many businesses have virtual storefronts. If you’re not running a booth at the local agora or a general store at the railroad crossing, how can you create an old-fashioned connection with customers? Posting an online video is one great way to introduce the people behind your product.

Introduce Yourself

One of the simplest ways to give your company a human face is to put up a video introduction to your product, hosted by a company member. You can embed this intro video into your homepage. It will showcase your product and, more importantly, will teach customers to associate your business with a human being.

Let Customers Get to Know You

To strengthen your connection with customers, you can start posting videos with a little more personality. Videos that include skits or humor is one great idea. Another popular method is a meet the team video which profiles company members and offers a glimpse into the culture at your workplace. Once customers feel that they know you, they will feel a personal connection with you.

Here’s our attempt to do this.

Why this matters

Seeing the face behind the business can help keep customers from thinking of your company as an evil corporation — a money grubbing, inhuman monster. Instead, they’ll know you as an approachable group of people who work hard to make a good product for them. If your customers get to know and like you personally, they’ll come to your virtual general store every time they need new proverbial flour.

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