December 3, 2013

Grab an SRT File from YouTube for Free

Ben Ruedlinger


Top Hat Tuesday is our fancy weekly video series where someone from the Wistia team shares a useful bite-sized tip …  whilst wearing a top hat.

A big thank you to Jay Mutzafi (@JayMutzafi) for clueing us in on this tip!)

We charge by the minute for video transcriptions, since they’re made by actual humans and 100% accurate. However, if you’re on a budget, YouTube allows you to create rough, robot-generated transcripts for free! You’ll have to make some corrections, but it’s a great starting point. To try it out, upload your video to YouTube, download the .SRT file, upload it to Wistia, and then proofread, perfecting the timing and wording right in our caption editor. Happy transcribing!

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