May 1, 2018

Introducing Sudbuds - The Soapbox Referral Program

Phil Nottingham


You know what's cooler than being an early adopter who discovers a new, slick video creation tool? Being the person who introduces that new tool to your friends. Sure, sharing is caring. But that generosity is even better when it results in you getting exclusive swag.

Which is why we're super excited to announce the launch of our brand new referral program for Soapbox, Sudbuds.

Sudbuds lets you spread the Soapbox love throughout your company and professional network, while getting impeccably designed goodies in return. Those rewards scale with size and value as you introduce more people to Soapbox.

“Sudbuds lets you spread the Soapbox love, while getting impeccably designed goodies in return.”

The gist is pretty simple—get your friends, family, coworkers, and dogs to sign up for Soapbox using your unique link. For every one that makes a video, you'll get one step closer to receiving a bigger and better prize.

Bring on 10 of your nearest and dearest, and you'll be the proud owner of a ceramic Soapbox camping mug. 50 nets you a stylish Soapbox dad hat, 100 gets you a dimmable LED panel light for your desk. And if you can bring on 200 new Soapbox aficionados? Our Principal Video Producer, Chris Lavigne, will build and ship you your very own portable video filming studio: the Soapbox Station. And those are just a smattering of the highlights!


Becoming a Sudbud is easy as can be. Register and grab your unique Sudbuds link, then send it out to the world via email, social media, carrier pigeon, or any other distribution method that takes your fancy. When someone signs up and makes their first video, we'll attribute the referral to your account, and you'll be that much closer to your next reward.

So get ready to buddy up and start spreading the good news of Soapbox to your entire video-loving community.

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