September 21, 2011

Pre-roll video comes to Wistia

Ben Ruedlinger


This post is now outdated. To display pre-roll video in Wistia, you can now use our Bare playlist.

We’re super excited to announce the launch of our new pre-roll video tool. This new feature allows for the display of a short video clip (that can’t be skipped) before your main video. See a cool example of how it works here:

We’ve built this tool to support a wide variety of use cases such as: self-managed sponsorships and video advertising, branded intros to your videos, and having a call to action before your video (donation, registration, clickthrough).

Some of the unique features of our pre-roll video are:

  • Works in both Flash and across mobile devices
  • Can switch out the pre-roll for all of your pre-roll enabled videos with a single click (and without needing to update the embed code)
  • All of the viewing of the pre-roll video is tracked with video heatmaps
  • Can select a specific pre-roll video to display or have it chosen randomly from a list
  • The option to display a countdown timer for the pre-roll video

To get more information on how our pre-roll tool works, check out our documentation. Or, jump right in and start using the tool.

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