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Closing Deals with a Personalized Touch

The best sales teams connect with people, know when and how to ask good questions, and understand how to identify needs and build trust. They also value efficient processes and follow-through.

At Bluleadz, they do it all. After a positive phone call, the sales team will follow up quickly with a proposal. And immediately after that email goes out, they send another email with a custom 'Welcome Aboard' video.

The team is so accustomed to making them that Alex Dunn, video and media specialist at Bluleadz, can usually produce an entire video in a few hours.

We've closed 63% of the clients we've sent these videos to, compared to 46% of clients we did not send these videos to. Our close rate went up 17%.

Video's the best platform for this because it could not have been done in any other medium. Pictures of the team members are great, but why not send a personalized greeting from the entire team? This video serves our whole business, from marketing to sales. It's what we use to close on-the-fence deals.

The videos aren't perfect. What's important is getting them shot and sent over quickly after a productive sales call. This builds stronger connections between the prospects, our business, and our team, which in turns closes deals.

These are the videos we're most proud of. They work. They’re easy to produce. They generate business and help us connect with prospective clients and their teams.

Alex Dunn
Video and Media Specialist, Bluleadz

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