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Creating a New Board in Trello

At Trello, the first step to product adoption is getting new users to create their first Trello board. This short, simple screencast is designed to explain how to do just that. With over 126,000 plays and a 90% engagement rate, it’s clearly achieving its goals.

This video was made as a part of a new user guide in Trello. The objective for the video series was to convey effective and concise bits of information in a minute or less.

One thing that was almost immediately apparent was how quickly simple UX (user experience) changes in the app can make a video obsolete. Now, when I create product-focused videos, I like to keep that in mind, so that I am not forced to update a video soon after it has shipped.

Just keep in mind when creating product videos that you need to find quick solutions to keep videos up to date. This could mean using an additional video layer for GUI (graphical user interface) updates, or keeping videos fairly short without a lot of edits.

Brian Cervino
Product Marketing Manager, Trello

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