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Educating Employees about Being on Camera

BambooHR has woven video into their unique culture. Like more and more companies, they’ve decided to feature their own employees in their videos.

The challenge is that many employees have never been on camera before and aren’t exactly comfortable on screen. In fact, it makes some people downright anxious. How do you act? What do you wear? What if you flub a line?

So the video team produced this lighthearted video to encourage their teammates and give a few pointers about acting naturally on camera.

We email this instructional video to every employee we schedule for a shoot. That way, when they get to set, they feel at least a little better and more confident about the process.

Our actors/employees have responded well to this video, and they reference it all of the time when we get them on set.

As directors, it also helps us teach new talent the basics before they step into the studio. Essentially, we don't have to start from square one the first time we’re on set with them.

Matt Heder
Creative Producer, BambooHR

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