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Explaining a Difficult Concept

Moz’s Whiteboard Fridays is the stuff of online marketing legend. For almost 10 years, Moz founder Rand Fishkin and his team have been posting a video every Friday of Rand explaining an SEO-related topic (like Google’s RankBrain algorithm) in front of a whiteboard.

As simple as that may sound, the content is always educational and delivered in a compelling way, as this video proves.

Rand has been recording these videos for almost 10 years, and they remain the most popular post we feature on our blog.

This is pretty straightforward from a production standpoint: We shoot the video and drop in our Adobe Premiere template, clean up the color and audio, and upload it to Wistia. The only challenge here was creating an engaging thumbnail for our video. This thumbnail features actual Google App math—Rand had me reading academic papers for this one!

We got 5,000 views with a 73% engagement rate, which we feel good about considering the 10-minute length. I'm proud of this video because we tackled a popular and difficult topic but also had some fun with one of our best video thumbnails that features Rand and some serious SEO nerd math.

Michael Bird
Video Production Strategist, Moz

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