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Explaining a Popular Product (in Italian)

Sticker Mule is an eCommerce site that specializes in custom stickers. Since most people have never created or ordered custom stickers before, Sticker Mule uses explainer videos to show how easy the process is. These upbeat and informative videos reduce people’s reluctance to try something new.

In order to help serve non-English-speaking customers, Sticker Mule makes sure to produce multiple versions of their most important videos.

This particular video (in Italian) is about die cut stickers—Sticker Mule’s best-selling product. They've also produced the same video in Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Mandarin, and Portuguese. Their Project folder in Wistia is quite impressive:

Our die cut stickers product video was originally created in English. We used that as a base to help us create the Italian version.

I handed the original English script off to one of our Italian team members. He translated everything, keeping the English intact, so that I could track along (I don't speak Italian). Then we hired an Italian voiceover artist to do the narration. Instead of having him rush through to stay in-sync with the English version, we had him read at a natural pace.

With the Italian voiceover recorded, I brought the audio file into my original die cut sticker Premiere Pro project. I duplicated the original English sequence, and then replaced the existing English voiceover with the Italian voiceover.

Since we chose to have the voiceover artist read at a natural speed, I needed to adjust the timing of the clips to match up with the voiceover. Following along with the written translation, I was able to move clips around and even extend them when necessary. Eccellente!

Jeremy Wick
Head of Video, Sticker Mule

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