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Explaining Site Analytics

Squarespace gives users the resources to produce beautifully designed websites. They also provide valuable onboarding and support tools to guide customers along the way. And video plays a huge role in that process; Squarespace has produced more than 100 support videos that have generated hundreds of thousands of views.

This video is part of the 'Next Steps' series that helps new users get up and running. Even though it’s more than 4 minutes long, it has a high engagement rate, proving that it’s delivering hugely beneficial information to viewers.

Our goal with this video, and the larger series where it appears, is to promote best practices and a better understanding of using any website. We lay the groundwork for building a website and how to understand your impact, and this holistic approach opens the door to how to use Squarespace as a tool to achieve your goals.

Words like 'analytics' and 'SEO' may sound scary or impossible to grasp. That’s why we created this video to give a more personal guiding experience, showing just how attainable it is to have an impact online––and how that translates to your site analytics.

We've used our engagement statistics in Wistia and customer feedback to fine-tune our method over the last two years, helping us keep our content current, clear, and concise.

George Denison
Video Team Lead, Squarespace

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