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Following Up with a Video Voicemail

The team at ACIS, an educational travel tour company, was inspired by BambooHR’s use of video voicemail. They didn’t have a dedicated in-house production crew, a substantial budget, or professional video equipment. But Marc Amigone, social media and content marketing manager at ACIS, had a vision—and an iPhone.

We want these videos to help our sales team connect with more prospects in their pipeline by adding a human element to their sales outreach. We feel strongly that the personal care our sales team gives to their clients is a differentiating factor between us and our competition. We want that personal touch to shine through as early on in the process as possible.

I shot and edited the videos with individual members of our sales team. Some team members were reluctant to get on camera, but for the most part people were eager to experiment with a new idea in order to move the needle.

In this video, one of our sales reps, Tricia Holda, decided to change up the script a little and get more creative than, "Sorry I missed you, give me a call back." She sought to make her prospects smile a bit in hopes that it would encourage them to get back in touch.

It's only been a few weeks since the video has been published, but Tricia has reported an increase in return calls after she sends her video out to prospects.

Marc Amigone
Social Media and Content Marketing Manager,, ACIS

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