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Helping Customers Choose the Right Product

Sticker Mule sells die cut stickers, kiss cut stickers, clear stickers, transfer stickers, roll labels, and more. With all these options, it can be hard for customers to figure out which sticker best suits their needs.

After creating illustrated icons of each sticker type, Sticker Mule decided to produce a video to answer any additional questions that people might have. By using chaptering in their video, the Sticker Mule team makes it simple for their viewers to jump to specific types of stickers, and ultimately find what they want.

With more than 5,000 views on this video, it seems that their audience was hungry for more information.

As we've seen elsewhere on our site, video has given us a great boost to both conversions and search traffic.

To emphasize the differences between each sticker type, we created a design that included the text, ‘Your Design Here.’ Then we printed this design in each of the sticker styles we wanted to feature. The comparison shots were all shot in the same setting to bring continuity to each section of the video.”

The results of this video have been great. It has a 74% engagement, and since adding the video to this page, we've seen the bounce rate decrease by 7.5%. We've also seen 4% of viewers utilizing the annotations within the video. This means they can go straight to the product they want, without finishing the entire video. No hard feelings from the video department—conversions and UX are always our top priority.”

Jeremy Wick
Head of Video, Sticker Mule

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