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Inspiring People to Help

Classy wanted to show off its new Crowdfunding Designer in a unique and compelling way, but with a limited timeline to produce a full-scale video, they were forced to take a different approach.

The result? This elegant video that uses all the elements of classic storytelling to show just how easy it is to start a movement.

Our CEO asked if I could create a video for his presentation on our new Crowdfunding Designer two weeks before his presentation at our annual Collaborative + Classy Awards, With that short of a timeline, any production was out of the question. Even a voiceover would be difficult to put together. But there is something about the pressure that comes with being placed in a shrinking box that brings out the best in creative people.

I decided to take the storytelling approach we use for our customer story videos: Make it about the impact we all create together. I wanted to show how Possible Health was able to launch a campaign within days of earthquakes, collect donations, and respond almost immediately to an incredibly destructive disaster.

The reason why this video is so successful is that anyone can watch it and understand what Classy does. Instead of just walking you through our product and showing off all our features, we show the potential, the power of what you can achieve with our product. When you show people what they can do—how they can accomplish something great—they will connect more strongly to your message.

Brad Hilton
Director of Media Content, Classy

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