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Walking Through an Installation Process

Sylvane is an air quality solutions company. This means they sell everything from humidifiers and space heaters, to pellet burning stoves and air conditioning units. Since their products are somewhat complicated (not everyone is familiar with air conditioner installation), Sylvane found video to be the perfect solution to slow the stream of questions.

In this example, the video explains to prospective customers how to install a portable air conditioner through a sliding glass door.

Allison Book, Multimedia Manager, measures the impact of Sylvane’s videos. This video, in particular, has really been worth the investment. In 4 months, it’s helped:

  • Sales: 755 viewers clicked the annotation link for the installation kit (featured in the video), and 30 units were sold for revenue totaling $3,180.

  • Watch time: This video has been watched for a total of 249.4 hours. Those are hours saving their support team, leaving them more time to assist other customers.

  • Leads: 23 viewers gave their email address via Turnstile.

I love this video and what it represents for our company. For years, customers have called us to ask how to vent their portable AC if they didn't have a window. We have an article explaining different options, but clearly a visual explanation was required. We actually produced a video back in 2012, and we learned a lot from that experience. We hit snag after snag during the shoot, because we assumed the installation would be as simple as our writers made it seem in the article. (Lesson 1: It is never as simple as it sounds.)

After posting the video on YouTube, we received lots of comments from viewers (and trolls) who found our tips lacking. So we decided to reshoot the video because, while lots of people were watching it, they weren't finding it particularly helpful.

We spent weeks preparing the script for version 2. We researched the real questions people had about the topic, and we discovered that our old video barely touched the tip of the iceberg. (Lesson 2: Do your research. Find out what people want to know—not just what you want to say.) We prepared a script with information that real people shared with other real people—on forums and Amazon reviews—not just the details from an owner's manual.

Ultimately, this video became one of the most watched on our site (currently at 8.2K plays) and YouTube (11K plays). All feedback has been positive.

Allison Book
Multimedia Manager, Sylvane

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