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Presenting Sales Reps in a Delightful Way

Any sales team will tell you that getting people to call back after an initial phone call or email is getting increasingly difficult. BambooHR tackled this problem by creating a series of memorable videos that introduce their sales reps to prospective customers. It's one thing to include a talking head in a video voicemail, but it's another to share B-roll of a grown man riding a child's tricycle.

This was part of a sales experiment. We wanted to introduce sales representatives with videos that were scripted specifically based on their personalities.

I got to know the sales reps very well and then wrote scripts that would make for personal and comedic videos. After we made three videos, we spread them around, and I then asked for more volunteers. Plenty of other reps wanted their own videos, so we made more. They were used in whatever ways the reps wanted to use them.

Matt Heder
Creative Producer, BambooHR

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