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Introducing the CEO

There's so much to love about how BambooHR uses video, but perhaps the thing we love most is that they're not afraid to have fun and be themselves. Their video team has a project in their Wistia account titled "Just for fun," and it has 22 videos in it.

This video, introducing their CEO Ben Peterson, is a shining example from that "just for fun" collection. Clearly, Ben’s perfectly happy serving as a co-conspirator in the comical concepts that BambooHR's video team embraces.

This video serves as an intro for our CEO whenever he speaks at company meetings or updates. We show it at every other meeting, just before he gets up to speak. It helps lighten the mood and show that our CEO isn't taking himself too seriously.

We wrote the lyrics then sent them to Fiverr, where someone composed a track for us. We have a video for both our CEO and COO, and they both get great laughs and reactions from our team. We are a growing company, so it's also fun that every time it's shown, there are new audience members.

Matt Heder
Creative Producer, BambooHR

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