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Introducing the Team

If you’ve ever been on either side of an acquisition or merger, it can be an unsettling experience. Questions like, 'Who are these new people who will suddenly be my coworkers?' are bound to cross people’s minds.

There’s perhaps no better time to implement a more human approach to business than after news of an acquisition breaks. And for that precise reason, RJMetrics made this video after being acquired by Magento in August of 2016.

This was one of those ‘Oh wait, video would be perfect for this’ moments. With the help of my CEO and our office manager, I developed a quick script and got everyone in the studio to say a short line. The finished product was a video of the whole team introducing ourselves to our acquiring company in a way that was dynamic and personal.

The video was extremely successful in a lot of ways. It has a 91% play rate and over 350 plays, which is really good considering the size of the company that acquired us. We received a ton of comments on how helpful and fun the video was, and I think it really helped break the ice between our two teams.

This video also helped create more of a video culture here, as I now have a bunch of exciting video requests rolling in. All in all, I think this video had a hugely positive impact on our relationship with our awesome new coworkers.

Ryan Williams
Video Production Strategist, RJMetrics

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