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Promoting a Webinar with a Green Screen

SaleCycle decided to promote an upcoming webinar with a video featuring members of their marketing and sales teams—the same employees who would be hosting the live webinar.

They chose to make a video, because it allowed them to give a brief preview of the webinar's content in an entertaining way. Their results have been excellent. With 270 plays and an engagement rate of 86%, it's clear that their video piqued their audience's interest. Plus, the annotation link and CTA within the video drove 24 people to the webinar sign-up page.

We thought it would be a great tool to use on social media to drum up interest for the upcoming webinar, as it allowed us to introduce the speakers and give a brief snippet of the content. We also thought that using video would allow us to introduce a small amount of humor and give people a feel for our brand.

This video is part of a larger plan to utilize video in all parts of our sales journey—from video voicemails, to 'sad to see you go' videos. The video was created by the marketing department, and it was shared by the marketing and sales departments.

We briefly scripted out what we wanted the video to say, and then filmed it against the green screen. After getting a good key in After Effects, we then added the background graphics.

We were very pleased with the results. 345 people registered to watch the webinar live. We recorded 24 people coming directly from the video, but we're sure that many signed up as a result of watching the video on Twitter and Facebook, where we played the video natively.

Chris Gascoigne
Video marketing manager, SaleCycle

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