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Promoting Additional Marketing Content

Not everyone thinks about the follow-up messaging after a lead downloads a piece of content. But Bluleadz, an inbound marketing agency, saw this touchpoint as an opportunity. Instead of settling for friendly snippets of copy, their team creates brief videos (less than 20 seconds) for all of their landing pages.

These videos are straightforward. They thank the viewer for downloading content and encourage them to sign up for a free marketing review, which moves them further down the sales funnel.

The on-staff video and media specialist handled all shooting and editing. As for results, views and engagement are consistently high across all these videos.

We're super proud of this video in particular because it has an 86% engagement rate and an 81% play rate, and we've brought in new sales qualified leads with each embedded video.

Alex Dunn
Video and Media Specialist, Bluleadz

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