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Promoting Engagement on Social Media

BambooHR wanted to increase their followers on social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter. To achieve this goal, the video squad and HR went above and beyond to create a musical.

It's definitely out there, but this delightfully zany video got the job done.

Video is a huge part of the social media experience, and it's ideal for evoking an emotional response. We wanted people to feel like we would be worth connecting with as a brand.

At the time, it was just two guys at the company making videos. We hired a songwriter to help with the music. We got our graphic designer/photographer to shoot, since the 2 video guys were the main people starring in the video. We were short on actors back then and couldn't afford to hire anyone. Then, we grabbed a lot of coworkers to hop in for random shots here and there.

The video drove a lot of social engagement and ultimately resulted in the followers we wanted. It still lives on our customer logout page to encourage our customers to connect with us socially. This was a huge milestone in trying out something weird and new for the brand. I wouldn't say it was a groundbreaking success, but it did help contribute to our fun-loving brand voice.

Brenton Williamson
Creative Team Lead, BambooHR

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