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Pulling an April Fools’ Prank

Sometimes, having fun is the only excuse you need for creating a video. That was the genesis of this project, which introduced the world to Moz’s latest offering: Snapchat Support.

Don’t be fooled: Snapchat Support isn’t actually a real thing (for now). But it did provide the team at Moz the perfect avenue for pulling an April Fools’ prank on its audience.

We created this video just before April Fools’ Day to promote a new (fake) support feature.

This video was all about having fun and giving our audience a good laugh. It even fooled a few people into thinking we were switching to Snapchat as our primary means for support communication.

We didn't have any hard metric goals for this video. It got around 1,100 views with an 87% engagement rate––not bad for something we tossed together in a couple days. It wasn't about trying to meet some marketing goal or ROI: We just set out to have a good time, and we achieved that.

Michael Bird
Video Production Strategist, Moz

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