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Reconnecting with Cold Leads

While at WistiaFest in June of 2015, Alex Dunn, Video and Media Specialist for Bluleadz, caught wind of the video voicemail concept. It resonated with him immediately, and he introduced the idea to the rest of the inbound marketing agency.

Today, Cory Abry, the agency's one-person sales department, uses video voicemails in a host of different scenarios. In this case, he's trying to reconnect with an uncommitted lead.

Alex reports that Bluleadz sees great click-through rates on the calls to action that they include with each video.

The sales team is in charge of recording and uploading video from their work computers. The only real challenge was getting the sales team up to speed with video personalizations and customization options in Wistia.

Video voicemails enable us to create stronger personal connections and clear next steps. I'm proud of this video (and our other video voicemails), because the entire team is buying into a medium that is extremely powerful at those key stages in the buyer's journey.

Alex Dunn
Video and Media Specialist, BlueLeadz

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