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Singing Farewell to the Canon 5D Mark III

When Chris Lavigne heard the news that Canon was retiring the 5D Mark III camera, he thought a tribute would be the best way to honor its retirement. The Mark III had been a game-changing camera for DSLR video production, so a heartfelt (ok, overly heartfelt) sendoff was in order.

The entire Wistia team joined for this over-the-top video, complete with original vocals, a few classic slow zooms, and as many crossfades as possible.

The goals were to get Wistia in front of the video community as an awareness play. It was also an amazing excuse to get the whole team together to do something very silly.

We used the 1985 ‘We Are The World’ music video as our visual inspiration. We rented a Sony XDCAM camera to take advantage of an automatic zoom lens. After editing, we exported to VHS and then re-imported the footage from a VCR for the vintage look.

This video generated some decent buzz for us on social networks and within the Wistia blog, but moreover it was just a really fun day in the office.

Chris Lavigne
Video Team Lead, Wistia

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