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Setting Up an Online Store

Product adoption isn’t always easy. Like many software companies, Volusion strives to get their users up and running quickly, so that they can see the value prop. Once users know how to use (and find value in) the product, they’re much more likely to start paying.

To help with the customer onboarding process, Volusion—a software platform for eCommerce sites—made this short screencast to encourage their users to dive right in.

The goal was to have new users watch this video, and know exactly what steps to take without any guesswork on their part. Success meant a reduction of onboarding questions that came in to our support team.

This video received 48,000 plays over the course of 2 years, maintaining an 87% engagement rate. This tells us that new users continue to be informed by this simple, yet effective, message. We consider this video a success, and will likely produce a new version for our next product update.

I'm proud of this project because it was simple and cheap to produce a professional video without having to use resources on gear and talent.

Zach Honea
Video Production Specialist, Volusion

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