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Touring the Page Builder Tool

Unbounce knows that customer success not only helps them support their customers, it also helps to drive their core business. This is why Unbounce created the Unbounce Academy, a series of ecourses to help customers better use their product.

It took months to complete this project as we refined the curriculum and revised the scripts as we were producing the videos. There were some big production challenges, as many videos had to be reshot along the way and some were even scrapped entirely. After months of iterations and refinements, we were able to successfully launch the Academy with our first ecourse.

Our first ecourse was a big success. Large numbers of new customers took the course to learn how to use Unbounce and build high-converting landing pages. Also, our support team could use the Academy documentation and ecourses to help our customers. Most ecourse videos have an engagement rate around 80%.

This particular video, before we updated it, showed an 88% engagement rate and a 46% play rate, with 2.7K total plays. This project is special because it validated the ROI of videos in our company.

Felix Cha
Videographer, Unbounce

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